C O M P L E T E       D I S C O G R A P H Y

Roy Orbison

     As a teenager in Odessa, TX Larry was a fan of Roy Orbison, who lived 20 miles away and played at local VFW's. Little did he know that he would one day go on tour with Orbison and the Rolling Stones before ever thinking of writing songs.

     But his biggest hero early on was James Dean, whose influence lured him to knock on many closed doors in Hollywood before disillusionment drove him to the oil fields of Louisiana. He toiled as a wire line serviceman in New Iberia while refueling for his next challenge, still intent on pursuing his dream of stardom.

James Dean

     As fate had it, while visiting relatives in Shreveport, his brother in law pulled a prank on him by telling the Diamond Head Lounge's house band, The Dean and Mark Combo, that Larry was "famous". After being coerced onstage he was invited that night join the band, and also offered a contract by an agent from Mercury Records who happened to be in the crowd. (Only later did he sign a contract with Hickory.)
After getting his feet wet in Shreveport clubs he ventured to Nashville, where he cut his first singles. He was then ready to make the next obvious leap: New York. There he donned a tuxedo and perfected his stage presence in smoky Village nightclubs.
     That training underfoot, he returned to Shreveport and rejoined the Mathis brothers to form The Newbeats. The trio outgrew the restraints of a small town and transferred to Nashville, where they may have remained fish out of water in that Country stronghold if not for the British Invasion demanding attention across the ocean.


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