C O M P L E T E       D I S C O G R A P H Y

  • Who immortalized the falsetto singing style in the '60's hit, Bread and Butter?

  • Marching bands perform what song most often?

  • Whose song was first taken into space by an astronaut?

Whose song has been featured in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Bette, Trivial Pursuit, Paul Harvey, movies, greeting cards, and tributes sung for Johnny Carson, Jonas Salk, the athletes of the Helsinki Games and the victims of 9/11?

Who holds the record in sheet music sales?

Who made history as the first songwriter with simultaneous number one hits in both country (Randy Travis) and pop (Bette Midler) charts?

     Larry Henley has earned dual fame as both singer and songwriter. Yet one would be hard pressed to find a common link between his two trademarks in these separate mediums; the playful gibberish indulged by Bread and Butter has little in common with the sincere sentiments of Grammy award winning Wind Beneath My Wings.

     Henley's early success as a pop star may have tempted him to rest on his laurels. But his curiosity and passionate need to write songs have garnered him top honors including CMA Song of the Year, ACM Song of the Year, NSAI Songwriter of the Year and various other achievements too lengthy to list here, and made redundant by the fact that he has been nominated to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Wind Beneath My Wings has evolved into a familiar slogan. Granted, its proximity to the six million mark in radio airplays makes it hard to ignore. A standard at weddings and funerals alike, it has also been material for a Playboy cartoon. Few songs offer the succinct and sincere emotional foundation that such versatility requires. The vast spectrum of artists who have recorded it gives testimony to its cultural magnitude.

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